About Radio Melitz

Radio from the beginning was a tool for making connections. One of the great challenges facing the Jewish world today is the challenge of connecting Jews from different places and backgrounds. Radio Melitz‘s task is to connect the communities, schools, institutions, and projects that encompass the entire spectrum of the Jewish world in the most pluralistic and anon-judgmental way.

Radio Melitz, is currently expanding in its ability to serve as a platform that creates acquaintance, stirs the hearts, exposes wonderful projects, run educational programs, and most importantly will give the Jewish world a feeling that it is one big family.

We invite you to join Radio Melitz. Join and take your part, as a representative of an organization, project, school, community, any group or as your just as self. If you are creative, artists and entrepreneurs or have a story to tell – If you would like to broadcast regularly, a one-time program, produce a podcast or have a great idea – Please Join Us and Help us make excellent radio.

For inquiries – radio@melitz.org